Fall Contracts: October 6, 2020

We are now accepting seasonal contract applications for Fall 2020.

Before proceeding: Review our COVID protocols. All members of your group are to adhere to these at all times and we will cancel your contract if there is a failure to comply.

If you are requesting a block of ice that will consistent of breaking it down into sessions for different groups, please make sure to specify that on your request.

For instance: If you are looking for a four hour block so that you can have four different groups have one hour each, we need to capture that in your request and when we allocate your times.


  • Non-Prime – $243.36/hr + tax
    • Monday-Friday, before 5:00pm
  • Prime – $398.23/hr + tax
    • Monday-Friday, after 5:00pm
    • Saturday-Sunday, all day

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