Ford Performance Centre: Facility Rentals


Ford Performance Centre will continue to follow any outlined federal, provincial, and municipal safety guidelines, which can change throughout any given season. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of the permit holder to stay up to date on what is required, so they can enforce adherence within their group at all times.

Proof of vaccination policy is now in effect.

Ford Performance Centre, Last Minute Ice


If you are looking for a fall/winter weekly ice time contract, click here.

Spot rental window: Booking through October 2021.

Online Calendar

Feel free to peruse our online calendar to get a gauge on potentially open ice blocks that you’d like to request your ice time(s) within. From there, we can isolate the specifics of what can be booked and provide you with options.

View our online calendar.

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An adult (18+) must accompany every ice time booking. If they choose to be off-ice, they can remain on the bench in the rink. All current safety protocols still apply to every member of your group, even those not actively participating.



Weekdays, during the day
Monday-Friday (7:00 AM-5:00 PM)

$250/hr + tax


Weekday evenings and weekends
Monday-Friday (5:00 PM-10:00 PM)
Saturday-Sunday (7:00 AM-10:00 PM)

$425/hr + tax


The third-party insurance we can add is strictly for accident coverage only. If you require additional coverage, you’ll need to source that out externally.

If you are looking to avoid adding insurance through us, we’ll require proof of your coverage to be emailed to us prior to being able to finalize any respective booking.


We can only permit a maximum of 9 people in each dressing room at a time and you will have access to 2 dressing rooms per rental session.

If your group exceeds 18, you’ll have to internally coordinate a schedule that ensures only (up to) 9 are in a room at any one time. For instance: Some arrive earlier and vacate before others show up. The same would have to apply following your skate, as well (e.g. some wait outside, then use the room when space permits).


We can permit spectators, at 50% of our normal capacity, for your scheduled ice time. Anyone visiting will have to follow the same policies (masks on at all times, physical distancing in effect, etc.).

Spectators are not permitted to congregate or watch from the main lobby area and into the rink. They must do so inside the respective rink your activity is taking place. They must also not be in the building too far in advance of your start time and must vacate following your skate’s conclusion.


Ford Performance Centre

We are currently scheduling seasonal contracts, which include weekly ice times through September 2021-April 2022.

If you are interested in requesting consistent ice times, please fill out an online request form and we’ll follow up with applicable options.