Ford Performance Centre: Arena Partners

Ford Performance Centre: Arena Partners

Ford Motor Company of Canada

Ford Motor Company of Canada

Ford of Canada’s operations include a national headquarters, three regional offices, three vehicle assembly and engine manufacturing plants, two parts distribution centres, two R&D sites, and three Connectivity and Innovation centres. Ford employs approximately 8,000 people in Canada, while an additional 18,000 people are employed in the more than 400 Ford and Ford-Lincoln dealerships across the country.

For more information, please visit Ford’s website.

Toronto Maple Leafs 2016 Logo

Toronto Maple Leafs & Toronto Marlies

In keeping with MLSE’s rootedness in the community, the Ford Performance Centre serves as the Leafs and Marlies practice and training facility.

The state-of-the-art facility contains 23,000 square feet dedicated to a Leafs locker room, dressing room, lounge, workout room, rehab whirlpools, and hot tubs with coaches and GM offices on site. The building also includes a locker room for the Toronto Marlies, which is 11,000 square feet.

Visit the Official Website of The Toronto Maple Leafs.
Visit the Official Website of The Toronto Marlies.

Hockey Hall of Fame

Hockey Hall of Fame Resource Centre

Opened on September 8, 2009, the Hockey Hall of Fame’s state-of-the-art “D.K. (Doc) Seaman Hockey Resource Centre” is housed within the Ford Performance Centre. The 18,000 square foot Resource Centre is the home of the Hockey Hall of Fame’s vast artifact and archival collections and serves as the focal point for research into the history of Canada’s great game and cultural export.

Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame website.

Hockey Canada

Hockey Canada

Hockey Canada occupies a portion of the Hockey Hall of Fame’s premises with the Ontario Regional Centre to support grass roots development programming, along with high performance and sledge hockey events in conjunction with the adjacent ice facilities. The Regional Centre provides Hockey Canada with a direct link to the hockey community through research, seminars, clinics, and initiation activities for hockey’s newcomers. The goal of the Centre is dedicated to improving hockey and to play a leading role in the research and development of the game. Each Centre houses the world’s largest collection of instructional hockey videos of all levels. The videos are now being distributed worldwide through other international federations.

Visit the Hockey Canada website.

NHL Alumni Association

NHL Alumni Association

The NHL Alumni Association is a registered charitable organization in Canada and the U.S. that serves as a passionate advocate for greater quality of life benefits for all former NHL players. The Association eagerly pursues greater benefits and the implementation of programmatic services devoted to enhancing the lives of retired NHL players and their families.

The NHLA serves its retired player members and their families through the NHL Alumni Association and supports youth and community charities through various charitable initiatives. Since our inception in 1999, the NHL Alumni has made a significant impact on both the retired player community as well as children’s charities.

Visit the NHL Alumni Association website.

Etobicoke Dolphins

Etobicoke Dolphins

The Ford Performance Centre is home to the Etobicoke Dolphins Girls Hockey League. The EDGHL is a non-profit organization, operated purely by volunteers. Our volunteers support the development of over 900 female youth hockey players in our community.

The Dolphins experience will be fun, safe, and affordable, whether it be  recreational or competitive hockey.  All participating athletes will reach their potential as a player, a teammate, and as a person while learning valuable life and leadership skills. Dolphins will grow through a skill based hockey program supported by a cohesive, accountable organization focused on developing trusted, skilled coaches who care.

Visit the EDGHL website for more information.

Etobicoke Sports Hall of Fame

Etobicoke Sports Hall of Fame

The Etobicoke Sports Hall of Fame is recognized as a not-for-profit organization and has been in operation since 1994. The purpose of the Etobicoke Sports Hall of Fame is to honour, for all time, those athletes, administrators, officials, media, and individuals who have achieved the highest standard of excellence in sport.

In perpetuating the deeds of those Honoured Members, the Etobicoke Sports Hall of Fame seeks to encourage and inspire excellence in all fields of athletic endeavour within our community.

Visit the Etobicoke Sports Hall of Fame website.

Faustina Sports Club

Faustina Sports Club

The Faustina Sports Club has been providing minor hockey in the south Etobicoke area for over 75 years. We are proud tenants of the Ford Performance Centre. Faustina offers players opportunities to play both House League and Select hockey. The House League plays all games on Saturdays at the Ford Performance Centre. Select teams from Tyke through Midget Sr. are formed from House League players who are interested in playing a more competitive level hockey.

Visit the Faustina Sports Club website for more information.

Journey to Excel

Journey to Excel

Journey to Excel is a training centre that provides a variety of services to help people reach their highest potential. Journey to Excel’s balanced approach to development can help male and female athletes at every level. Our on ice hockey teaching and development programs are world class. Our 8,000 square feet training facility is bright and motivating. Our program offerings include hockey development, off-ice training, performance psychology, nutrition, and the Live Active sports medicine clinic.

The Journey to Excel team has been created to offer the best opportunity for development. Adrian Lomonaco is the Director of Hockey. He played professional hockey and has taught athletes at the NHL, AHL, OHL, NCAA, Olympic, and World Championship levels. Jennifer Botterill is the Program Director. Jennifer is a three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, five-time World Champion, and Honours Graduate of Harvard University.

Visit the Journey to Excel website for more information.

LiveActive Sport Medicine Health and Performance

Live Active

LiveActive Sport Medicine Health and Performance delivers the highest quality of care for those who rely on nothing but the best. Whatever the level of play; whatever the activity of choice; the expert team at LiveActive works with patients to achieve their goals. Our team provides the tools, guidance, and skills throughout rehabilitation to overcome injuries and prevent another.

The LiveActive Sport Medicine multi-disciplinary team works closely together to provide a comprehensive approach to optimize injury recovery. Accurate diagnosis, advanced clinical skills, and cutting edge therapies facilitate return to sport and activity in a healthy, efficient, and timely manner

Visit the Live Active Sports Med website for more information.



At NeuroChangers, we enhance the delicate and important relationship between brain and body. Our combination of expert Physiotherapists, Adaptive Fitness Trainers, and innovative rehabilitative equipment, allow us to work with any level of neurological or orthopaedic injury.

Neurological Rehabilitation is an intense, functional, goal oriented service that utilizes skillful hands-on facilitation and state of the art technology in innovative ways. Our individualized treatment plans adapt as your goals change. Adaptive Fitness is designed to maintain health, wellness, and an overall functional lifestyle from an ongoing holistic perspective. It’s a uniquely designed system that incorporates dynamic fitness, functional movement, strength training, and body awareness.

Visit the NeuroChangers website for more information.

Prosharp Leading Performance


We are interested in making skate sharpening easier, faster, and better, every time. ProSharp wants everyone to get the best possible performance from their skates regardless of whether they are playing hockey or doing triple toe loops.

ProSharp delivered their first machines in 1984 and those are still serving skaters all these years later. This achievement has only been possible through our dedication to quality, from components to service, and a genuine interest in research and development.

Visit the ProSharp website.

Lakeshore Lions Club Etobicoke

Lakeshore Lions Club

The Lakeshore Lions Club volunteer members operate an OLG Lottery Kiosk inside the west entrance of the Ford Performance Centre and encourage guests to make us your lottery destination. From Scratch-and-Win to Lotto Max, we have it all and can pay up to $200.00 winning tickets.

Lions Club volunteers donate their time for free and all purchase and payout earnings are used 100% for community betterment – so buying your lottery tickets from us is a win / win for all. We are doing our part. Can we depend on you to make a contribution that could make you a multi-millionaire?!

Thank you from the Lakeshore Lions Club, operating in Etobicoke Lakeshore since 1931.