TDSB Ice Time Requests

Ford Performance Centre

PLEASE NOTE: Lack of compliance from any visitor, regardless of their vaccination status, will not be tolerated. Failure to cooperate with our team, who are assisting with implementing and coordinating provincial policies, will result in being asked to leave and failure to access our facility.


  • Visitors are only able to enter/exit through the West (parking lot) Entrance
  • Everyone must check-in with security staff upon entry
  • You must have proof of vaccine status and valid photo ID ready
  • Notes:
    • Applicable for all visitors who are 12+
    • Must have had both vaccine doses at least 14 days ago
    • Valid photo ID required to cross-reference
    • Exemption status must be proven (e.g. medical note)
    • Those visiting a tenant must provide appointment confirmation
  • Our policies are in accordance with provincial and municipal guidelines


  • Pre-visit health screening is to be administered by permit holder
  • Permit holder to collect/maintain participant contact info for tracing purposes
  • Masks required at all times while indoors, including within dressing rooms
  • Masks can only be removed when heading onto the ice
  • Physical distancing measures are still in place throughout the building
  • Groups are not to show up needlessly early for their ice time
  • Groups are to vacate asap following the end of their ice time
  • Spectators must maintain physical distancing of 2M
  • Congregating/watching in the lobby area is prohibited


  • TDSB ice can be on Rink 1 or Rink 4 only
  • Booking window is 6:45 am-4:45 pm
  • Not all open blocks have ice available as it may appear
  • We will provide applicable options based on your request
  • Only provide details for the number of requests you need
  • No need to fill out all 10 rows, if you don’t need 10 ice times
  • If you’re looking for more than 10 ice times, just fill out another form
  • You can use our online calendar to source open ice blocks


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