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Lakeshore Arena Corporation

The New 4-Pad

 Here is an Artists rendering of the new 4-Pad.

Please note: You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system and you should allow it to open in full screen to get the best experience. You can download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader from here.

The MasterCard Centre for Hockey Excellence rink is a 272,000 sq ft consisting of 3 NHL rinks (200 x85), with the fourth rink having the ability to expand to Olympic size (200 x100), but used mainly as a NHL rink.

The MasterCard Centre for Hockey Excellence rink has six (6) dressing rooms per pad, as well as seating for 200 people per pad. The Olympic bowl, as it will be called, currently has 1,000 seats, but hopefully will expand to 4,800 seats.

The facility will also have 23,000 sq ft for Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, practice facility with dressing room, workout room, whirlpool and hot tubs, as required. The Marlies will have 11,000 sq ft for a practice facility.

The Hockey Hall of Fame will have Offices, in the facility as well as 18,000 sq ft to store their archives, safely, along with a 36 seat theatre.

Hockey Canada will have office space in the facility, and lease ice in the Olympic Bowl as required.

The Etobicoke Dolphins girls hockey league, will run their house league, in the facility with 700+ girls.

The Faustina will operate their house league, and select teams from this facility as well.

The state of the art heat recovery system, will heat the facility as required, as well as supplying power to air condition the office spaces, as well as heating water for use in the facility, and operate de-humidifiers, etc.

The second floor, above the lobby, will provide the customers with a full restaurant, 200 seats, as well as meeting rooms for general use, and the National Hockey League Players Association.


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